Tony & Courtney’s Proposal

It was the end of a long day. I’d already had a full schedule of assignments. But when my friend Robbin asked me to help Tony out, a friend of our mutual friend, Trevor, how could I resist. After all, he was planning to propose to his girlfriend!!!

I absolutely love photographing secret wedding proposals. It’s fun to hide and play “sniper”. But more importantly, it’s such a joy to witness this beautiful once-in-a-lifetime event in a couple’s lives!

Tony & I had grand plans for his proposal at White Point Garden, also known as Battery Park. But not knowing what was in store, Courtney was not playing along! She just didn’t understand why he had to stop and see his “client” before dinner? And why did he have to park so far away, forcing them to walk through the park? But in the end, it worked out PERFECT!!!

Even though they’ve known each other for 7 years, Courtney was completely surprised! For the record, she did say “yes”. ūüôā Well done, Tony…you are THE MAN! Congratulations to you both…

See the Difference

It’s not uncommon for Cami & I to hear of someone that’s decided to let their friend, uncle, or cousin photograph their wedding.¬† This might be due to budgetary concerns or that the friend or relative¬†wants to break into the photography business and needs portfolio material.¬† While we totally understand these reasons, we encourage couples to consider all¬†possible outcomes¬†and be truly certain that this is what they want before making the final¬†call.¬†

There are definitely some wonderfully talented friends and relatives out there.¬† Plus advancements in camera technology make it easier for part-timers to get descent shots on occasion.¬†¬†¬†Just know that there IS a difference in hiring a full-time professional to cover a once-in-a-lifetime event!¬† While¬†both can certainly point and push a button.¬†¬†Only¬†a professionally trained full-time photographer¬†is going to create a high percentage of visually¬†stunning images¬†every single time.¬†¬† Put the most advanced camera in front of an untrained eye¬†and¬†you get cave drawings.¬† Put a point-n-shoot into a master’s hands and you end up with a Rembrandt!

We are long-time members of the Professional Photographers of America.¬† Check out this¬†PPofA video featuring Jeff & Julia Woods.¬†¬†Cami & I frequently attend lectures, do workshops, and train with high-end professionals from around the country like Jeff & Julia¬†in order to hone our craft.¬†¬† Simply having professional photography degrees isn’t enough.¬† We are constantly striving for perfection and pushing to fill our pool of knowledge to overflowing.

Here are the 10 Toughest Questions to ask your photographer:

Amy & Evan at The Mills House

Amy & Evan were married at The Mills House on Saturday. My good friend, Robbin, was helping me cover the action. We had a BLAST from the minute we got there until the Carriage whisked the happy couple into the night. ūüôā

I photographed Amy & Evan’s eSession out on Folly Beach earlier this year. They did such a great job that we ended up with tons of fantastic images. So we picked a bunch to put in one of our popular Photo Guest Books, which was a hit!

Amy & Evan went to MUSC together, working there before moving to Richmond, where Amy is a nurse and Evan is a Doctor of Internal Medicin. They are so AMAZING together! After the slideshow, Click Here to see the rest of their photos.