Panoramic Stitching

From time to time I get asked how in the world I create my panoramic images.  Our home is full of these pano’s, stretching as big as 6-feet wide…the rolling green hills of western Ireland…the Grand Canyon at sunrise!  To get the resolution needed for such enlargements, I simply take several images and then use a software program to merge them together.  There are many ways to do this.  I find Panorama Maker by Arcsoft is strait forward, easy to use, and yields great results.  Give it a try sometime!

 Here’s my Sunrise in St. Thomas



Back to Bolongo Bay

Cami & I are heading back to Bolongo Bay Resort in St. Thomas, USVI. After photographing Julia & Erik’s FABULOUS Destination Wedding there, we were hired by the resort to fly back and photograph images for their new website and marketing material. How cold we say no?!? We’ll have access to email and cell phone. But we’ll be working hard…and PLAYING hard when not working. So please forgive us if it takes a little longer than usual to get back to you this week.

cell: 843-324-8900