Katie & Tom’s Secret Proposal at White Point Gardens

Under adverse conditions, with dreary weather, LOVE PERSEVERED!!!

It was such a pleasure to photograph Tom’s Secret Proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Katie. The two of them have been inseparable for 4 years now, having met each other for the for the first time under a Christmas Tree.  At least that’s the story, and they’re sticking to it!  😉  They currently live and work in Washington D.C., where they raise the most adorable warm and fuzzy rabbits!

Tom initially connected with me about a month ago. We had so much fun covertly planning every detail of the moment when he would ask Katie to be his wife. When the Big Day finally arrived, and the weather moved in, I think I was JUST as nervous as he was!!!  We went back and forth by text, and came up with a “Plan B”.

By the time our meeting point had arrived, the showers eased up, the gazebo emptied out, and everything came together perfectly. KATIE SAID YES!!! 🙂

Congratulations to Katie & Tom. May your new life together be full and free!!!