Studio Portrait for SCFCU

When we’re not shooting weddings and events on weekends, we photograph lots of head shots and executive portraits throughout the week.  South Carolina Federal Credit Union has been sending their employees over to us for a couple years now.  Jessica just joined their team and needed photos for a press release.  This image was shot with a giant 6-foot LiteDome softbox to her left as the main light, a medium softbox behind and on her right as a kicker light, a small softbox on a boom above her for a hair light, and an SB-800 right behind her as a background light.  I like using small wireless strobes as my background light since it’s wireless and I don’t have to worry about cables showing in the photo if I do a full-length shot.  The rest of the light sources were Alien Bees, which are triggered with the RadioPopper Jr (Studio Version) radio triggers.  The image was shot with a Nikon D2x (which I use exclusively in the studio), and the 70-200 f2.8. 

Real Estate Business Portraits

My friend and extraordinary real-estate agent, Nick Maffia, came over the other day to update his portfolio of images for his brochures, business cards, and marketing material.  He’s lost a lot of weight recently and looks GREAT!  Nick sold our old house and helped us buy the one we’re in.  I highly recommend him if you need a real estate agent!


Two Front Teeth

Brittany & Mitch…two of the nicest people you could ever meet…were kind enough to let me “play” with their beautiful 9-month old daughter the other day.  She is such a sweetheart!  It seems like just yesterday we were photographing Brittany & Mitch’s wedding.  Now they are the proud parents of this beautiful daughter with the cutest smile!  I love her two front teeth…  J

State Farm is There

There’s a new State Farm office just outside of Hilton Head Island. The Agent’s name is Kevin Sevier. If you live down that way, make sure you go see him. He’s got to be the nicest, kindest, most honest and strait-shooting insurance agent I know! I’ve photographed his kids. And I’ve photographed his entire staff. Trust me, do yourself a favor and go see him if you need advice on insurance!

One thing that our corporate clients like about us is that for the initial assignment we will come to THEIR OFFICE to photograph all the staff head-shots. That saves productivity since each person just has to step out of their office and stroll to the conference room (or wherever I’m set up). Sure beats each person driving to the studio on their lunch break, right?!? As I photograph each person, the images wirelessly fly across to my laptop where they can see the images immediately afterwards to make sure they’re happy with them before returning to work.

But the real beauty is, several months down the road when a new person is hired, they can simply stop by the studio to have their head-shot taken on the same background with the same lighting as the others. That way even years down the road every team member has professional portraits that match and create an overall professional image for the entire company. John stopped by last week to have his picture added to the others we did for Kevin’s office last month.

If you work for a company that doesn’t have professional head-shots on their website, please let them know about our service!