CB500X Acropovic Knockoff Upgrade

Trinity has a new pipe!

This morning Trinity and I rode over to my friend Mike’s place. He helped me swap out the old OEM exhaust for a smaller, lighter, and throatier aftermarket slip-on I had ordered. The new exhaust is basically a knockoff of a popular product by Akrapovic. Click Here for a link to the item.

The retailer is out of Kentucky. So the exhaust arrived in just a couple days. Installation was a breeze, except for the fact that the Givi pannier rack I had previously installed made fitting the final bolt into place REALLY tight!  Since I carry a lot of heavy camera gear in the panniers on my way to photo shoots, I was advised to find ways to reduce the weight of Trinity’s *ahem* rear end.  One of the biggest weight savings was replacing the OEM battery with a new lithium ion one last year.  The new carbon fiber exhaust saves at least half as much in weight over the old factory steel can. So the weight is much more balanced now.  Plus the new pipe sounds great. I’m very pleased with the addition!!!

After the install, Mike, Stacy, and I went out for a celebratory brunch at Madra Rua Irish Pub. Then it was off to a beautiful Sunday afternoon ride… 🙂