The Silly Outtakes

I could have titled this so many ways!
   “When Photo Shoots Go Awry”
   “The Train Goes off the Tracks”
   “You’re on Candid Camera”

The truth is, I absolutely love what I do! Life is just too short not to have fun, right? Plus I try to dig deep to bring out each person’s personality…really capture who they are (not just a thin fake representation).

So even when photographing what some photographers would view as boring old stuffy head-shots, I do a lot of goofing off to help my clients relax. When it’s working right, it’s contageous! Pretty soon they’re hamming it up and joking around with me in between takes. SOMETIMES…I just can’t resist snapping those moments just for the heck of it!!!

Here then, are a few of the silly outtakes from an awesome shoot I had for the amazing folks at ECS Carolinas LLP. They are an amazing engineering firm in town. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for any environmental consulting or geotechnical engineering on an up-coming project!