NASA Does Nikon

NASA just ordered 11 new Nikon D3 bodies as well as several 14-24mm f2.8 lenses. The new gear will be used to document the daily life within the program and on the space station. They join the D2x bodies and a plethora of Nikkor lenses and accessories already in use.
Since I primarily use D3 and D2x bodies with a lineup of all Nikkor lenses, I think I’m in good shape. 🙂
All images courtesy of NASA

Nikon D3s Announced

Last night Nikon announced the release of the BRAND NEW D3s. The new pro-series camera capitalizes on the formidable D3 features, adding increased ISO capability to 12800, a dedicated Live View button, and a built in sensor-cleaner. But of most interest to me is the addition of HD Video capability.

Check out this really cool multi-media video created by legendary Sports Illustrated photographer, Bill Frakes. As a special note, Bill will be conducting a workshop this weekend at the Charleston Center for Photography. I’ve met him a couple times and he’s an AMAZING photographer. So if you want to learn from the master, sign up right away!