Grace’s Model Shoot at the Old Charleston City Jail

Personal projects are what feeds the creative soul! It’s what professionals photographers do on their spare time to keep the fire burning with passion.

When Grace decided she wanted to do her own Model Shoot…something totally different…I was super excited! I’ve photographed Grace’s family, along with her 3 wonderful sisters, for years. But it was wonderful to just having a little one-on-one time with her to have fun and be ourselves!

Grace is a super bright young lady and an A+ student. But you’d never guess it. Her sweet personality, calm nature, and quiet humility instantly puts you at ease. She has the most beautiful big brown eyes, and is as good in front of the camera as any professional model I’ve worked with!

Many thanks to my friend Mahmood for helping us gain access to the haunted Old Charleston City Jail. And thanks to David & April for letting Grace come out and play with me. We had a BLAST!!!