Allie & Andrew’s Kiawah Proposal

Allie’s family has been vacationing on Kiawah Island for almost 30 years! Last year they invited Allie’s long-time boyfriend, Andrew, to join them. The beauty and serenity of the island struck him. This year, when they invited him again, he privately called Allie’s parents to let them know his intentions to ask for their daughter Allie’s hand in marriage at The Ocean Course.

Allie and Andrew have dated since before they could drive!  🙂  As often happens in life, they went their separate ways a bit during college. But neither of them ever dated anyone else…and soon enough they were back together again. It was just meant to be!!!

Gayla and Scott helped Andrew in coming up with a grand plan, and fill in all the details. They arranged for me to photograph the momentous occasion on the beach in front of the club house, where they would all hide to watch as it unfolded. Afterwards, a private celebration dinner was reserved in the Atlantic Room, overlooking the beach where they got engaged. Several close family members and friends, including Andrew’s parents, flew in to surprise them!

It was such an honor and a pleasure to capture this AMAZING moment for Allie & Andrew! CONGRATULATIONS on a perfect match made in heaven!!! 🙂