Exaqueo Marketing Retreat on Isle of Palms

I have to send a huge shout out to my good friend and amazing photographer, Leigh Webber, for kindly referring me to this client.

Each year the team at Exaqueo gather in Charleston from all parts of the country for an awesome planning retreat. I was invited to join them for a portion of their time. We photographed updated head-shots, some marketing photos, and of course a few team portraits for their website.

They were such a fun, friendly, and kind group of people to work with! THANK YOU Susan and everyone on the team for being so wonderful!!!

100th Anniversary of the Edward C Levy Co

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photograhing a milestone celebration. The Edward C Levy Co is 100 years old!!!

“Inspiration and commitment were the driving forces that gave Levy its start in 1918. It’s the technology that we discover, explore, and apply that has earned Levy the reputation as a true innovator in industries around the globe.”

Many thanks to Judi and her team at The Anniversary Company for organizing this fun company picnic to commemorate the occasion.