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Cami & I are members of the Professional Photographer of America (PPA) and always attend their annual Imaging USA Conference & Trade Show.  Last year I had one of my images featured at the show and on the cover of their Action News Magazine.  (Check it out here:  This year, it turns out their using a shot of us from last year’s show at Nashville in an add promoting the 2011 show in Santa Fe!  That’s me in the green shirt in the central photo, getting a kiss from my friend and fellow photographer, Kate McKinley on the left, and Cami, my lovely bride and boss, on the right.  J  Pretty funny!!!  Thanks to Robbin Knight and Jebb Graff for pointing out my ugly mug is plastered on a national magazine…HA!

Imaging USA Day Three

WE SURVIVED! Imaging USA was fantastic as usual. Cami & I are so pumped up and inspired by all the great speakers and beautiful images and ideas we’ve seen and heard. Here are a few fun shots from the final day with some of our FAVORITE photographers in the whole world. 🙂

Cami cuts the rug with Rick Dean at the closing party.

Cami with the always sweet and lovely Kay Eskridge.

Ed Pierce shares his knowledge.

Mike Corrado gives me the universal symbol for Rock-n-Roll during his presentation.

Jose Villa answers questions with Liz & Kip Bulwinkle in the background.

Cami & I with the generous Garrett Nudd after his exceptional presentation.

Kellie McCann, Rick Dean, Cami & I, Kate McKinley, Kip Bulwinkle inside the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

Kellie, Rick, Kate, and Kip all demonstrate Flow Posing. 🙂

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Welcome to Nashville!

Cami & I, along with our good friend and fellow photographer, Kate McKinley, finally arrived at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. We’re attending “Imaging USA”, the PPA’s big national photography convention we go to every year for ideas and inspiration.

After we got settled, I went down to get the lay of the land so I know where we’re going for our seminars in the morning. I get down there and staring me in the face is this HUGE, larger-than-life display with one of my images on it! 🙂 It’s a photo of Rugby USA’s Team Captain breaking through the masses that I shot last year. A few months ago I got a call saying they’d like to use a couple of my images for some “displays” at the conference this year…I had NO IDEA it was going to be something like this! I’m SUPER STOKED!!! I’ll get Cami or Kate to take one of me standing next to it tomorrow…hehehe!

Welcome to Nashville!

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