Lindsey’s Senior Portraits

Graduating from high-school is a HUGE accomplishment in a young person’s life.

Commemorating this achievement with a fun photo shoot is a great idea! Not only is this because of the momentous occasion, but also because after high-school things get complicated and “life” gets in the way. Not to mention that you will never be as young and as beautiful as you are at that age…something those of us who are past our prime can attest to!  🙂

The other day I had the distinct privilege of photographing Lindsey’s Senior Portraits. Lindsey was referred to us by our good friend, Amelia, and her family, who all joined in to make the shoot a fun group outing! Her boyfriend joined us as well, which was cool. Everyone helped hold lights, suggest backdrops, and tell jokes to make Lindsey smile…it was a BLAST!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Lindsey! May all your future hopes and dreams come true!!!