Marri & Aldo’s Minnesota Wedding


“We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

– Dr. Seuss


I love this quote from one of my all-time favorite writers! I’m not calling Marri & Aldo “wierd”. But they are most definitely, one hundred percent, head-over-heals IN LOVE!!! 🙂

Having worked with Marri for many years (she was one of the decision-makers who hired me to photograph my first corporate event with the US Grains Council), it was such an honor when she asked me to photograph her wedding! I’ve come to think of her as not just a colleague, but as a friend…which made being a part of their celebration extra special for me.

Having grown up internationally, I was even MORE thrilled when I found out the man Marri had fallen in love with was Panamanian!  Aldo runs his own business in the shipping industry in Panama City, where Marri is now based. I finally got to meet him in February when we photographed their Engagement Session in Casco Viejo, the beautiful old historic part of Panama City. We got to meet his wonderful family there as well. It was truly special to see how happy Marri is when she’s around Aldo!

Fast forward to last weekend when Marri & Aldo’s destination wedding took place at her father’s farm in Marshall, MN. Family and friends came from far and wide! Friends from grade-school, co-workers, and so many of Aldo’s family from Panama that they even hired professional translators, Chris Dimmick and Isabel Rodriguez, to translate the beautiful ceremony!

The family farm was decorated beautifully! In a natural setting surrounded by tall pines, under a rustic arbor on a carpet of lush grass, Marri & Aldo exchanged their vows. Emotions swayed the gamut…solemn words from the heart cascading into bursts of joy and laughter. I was glad I had my cameras to hide behind when tears welled up…and just as glad when they were wiped away by a spontaneous giggle.

I didn’t think anything would top that amazing ceremony! But I was warned that Panamanians KNOW HOW TO PARTY!!! The reception that followed is certainly one that will go down in my mind as the greatest one in my long career! From the amazing toasts (some of which couldn’t even be translated!!!), to the fresh-from-the-farm dinner, to the bottomless ice-cream cart, to the all-night-dance fest, to the bonfire after-party with s’mores…it truly was a night to remember. I finally hitched a ride to the hotel at 2:00am.  Easily the longest I’ve ever partied at a reception…THAT is how much fun it was! 🙂

Ahora no sentirán ninguna lluvia, porque cada uno será el amparo del otro.
Ahora no tendrán frío, porque cada uno le dará calor al otro.
Ahora no habrá más soledad, porque existirán como compañeros.
Aunque sean son dos individuos, un solo destino los espera.
Vayan ahora a su hogar para continuar su vida juntos.
Y que sus días en esta tierra duren y quesean prósperos.
– Unknown Wedding Blessing

Here are a few of my favorite images below.  To view the rest of their wedding gallery, visit:



Mihaela & Vicintiu’s Romania Wedding

Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of a wonderful phone call from Mihaela, who’s wedding to Vicintiu I photographed in Romania back in July.  She was in the US visiting friends and family.  I was so honored that she would take the time to reach out and thank me again for being a part of their wedding!  What a sweetheart!!!

So I thought I’d post a few photos from their gorgeous day.  I have to say, this was by far the most surreal wedding I have ever had the privilege of photographing!  It was on a beautiful, pristine, mountainside near Campulung.  A light afternoon shower had cleansed the landscape and brought a crisp freshness to the air.  A dreamy mist was rising from the valley below.  And we weren’t alone…wild horses had also discovered the picturesque meadow we were in.  They pranced and played in the background throughout the service.  Then just as magically as they appeared…wandered off to an adjoining hill side just before we left.  It was one of those serendipitous experiences I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

Congratulations again to “Miha & Vic”.  Always remember the magic moments of your life!!!

Welcome to Romania!

As most of you know, I recently traveled to Romania.  Here are a few of my favorites of some young people dressed in traditional outfits.  We saw them warming up for a performance they had later that evening.  When my new friends Mihaela & Ana asked them if they’d be interested in working with me, they went for it!  Zack was there with me and did an excellent job as a lighting assistant, holding an SB-800 with a warming gel for a little extra kick to the lighting in some of the shots.  I loved the colorful details in their outfits!    

Sarah & Seth’s Beautiful Day in Rock Hill

Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing Sarah & Seth Beautiful Day in Rock Hill, SC!  They live in Charleston now.  But they’re from Rock Hill.  They’ve known each other since pre-school, but didn’t start dating until college. The wedding was held at Bethesda Presbyterian Church.  It’s a very historic church in town and I loved the organic atmosphere with all the hardwood and hand-crafted molding.  We laughed a LOT throughout the day.  But I think the best part was when Sarah sort of spaced out during the ceremony (probably just so enamored with how handsome Seth was) and had to be asked “Do you take this man?” a second time.  The whole place burst into laughter and with perfect comedic timing, Sarah turned to the congregation and said “OOPS!”.  J  After their ceremony it was off to the reception at The City Club of Rock Hill where the band, U-Neek Flavur rocked the house.

 Enjoy their music video at that I put together to give a little vignette into the story of Sarah & Seth’s beautiful day.  Then head on over to to see the rest of their photos in the Online Gallery.

 CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah & Seth.  You guys are ONE OF A KIND!!! 

David & Megan’s Storybook Design

Cami & I had so much fun at David & Megan’s New England Destination Wedding in Fairhaven, just outside Boston, earlier this year.  So I thought I’d share a few pages from the layout of their new Storybook that we just finished designing.  We’ve used a number of different design programs over the years…from good old Photoshop to You Select It to Soho Styler and more.  But by far our favorite new tool is FotoFusion by LumaPix.  Enjoy…

Josh & Ashley’s “Destin” Destination Wedding

Ashley & Josh were married last weekend in a beautiful Destination Wedding on the pure white sands of Destin, Florida.  (Check out their Music Video at  I went for a walk on the beach the morning of their wedding and the turquiose waters of the Gulf of Mexico stretching as far as the eye could see!  They had rented a gorgeous Spanish mansion across from the beach which was transformed into the perfect reception site.  Between the dramatic architecture of the mansion, the amazing scenery on the beach, and how beatiful Ashley looked in her flowing white wedding gown…the whole day was like visual candy to my camera!  Top that off with how genuine, friendly, and full of life all their friends and family were…well…let’s just say I had a BLAST!!!  J 

I first met Ashley at Whitney & Ryan’s wedding on Seabrook Island last year.  So a HUGE “thank you” goes to Whitney for introducing me to Ashley!  Whitney was also a bridesmaid in Ashley’s wedding, so it was great to see her again and catch up.  (After watching the Music Video, head over to to see the rest of their Online Gallery.) 

Ashley & Josh honeymooned in The Bahamas before returning home to Dallas, Georgia.  I tip my hat to Ashley as she is a 4th grade teacher there…I have the utmost respect for teachers and think they should get paid what lawyers get paid!  CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley & Josh…you guys ROCK!!!

Julia & Erik’s St. Thomas Destination Wedding

WOW!!! What can I say about Julia & Erik’s BEAUTIFUL Destination Wedding?!? Cami & I are so honored that they brought us with them to capture their amazing time in the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas. Many thanks to Lori at Bolongo Bay Resort for making everything run so smoothly. Erik & Julia, you guys simply ROCKED!!!

Check out some of my favorite shots from their trip in this slideshow. Then Click Here to see the rest of their Online Gallery…there’s only a FEW to look through. 🙂

Julia & Erik’s Destination Wedding in St. Thomas

Here are a few of our shots from Erik & Julia’s beautiful destination wedding in St. Thomas, USVI. I haven’t had time to do any editing yet. So these are completely un-touched, strait out of the camera.

The last two were taken during their Trash-the-Dress shoot the morning after the wedding. Erik & Julia were AWESOME to work with, incredibly attractive, so much fun, and completely willing to do all the CRAZY things I asked them to do. 🙂

Many thanks to Lorie and the rest of the AMAZING staff at Bolongo Bay Resort. We’ll get the rest of the images edited and put a preview slideshow online as soon as possible. In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS to Erik & Julia…enjoy your honeymoon!!!

Destination Weddings

Cami & I LOVE to travel. So being invited to fun places to photograph fun weddings is like that old Wrigley’s commercial…double-mint fun!!!

We just returned from photographing Julie & Erik’s AMAZING destination wedding on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Several of you have asked me what gear I pack for these out-of-town shoots. With new TSA regulations and airline carry-on restrictions, it has definitely become more difficult to get all your priceless equipment there in one piece.

I NEVER check my camera gear! I use one of Tamrac’s airline approved rolling backpacks. And I narrow down my kit to the most essential gear so that it fits. This is my carry-on. If flying domestic, I’m also allowed one personal item…so I bring our smaller 14″ laptop. Cami usually carries a backpack with our toothbrushes, reading material, and what we’ll wear on assignment. So if our bags get lost, we have everything we need to do the job! If it’s a really big job, she’ll carry a second smaller camera bag with D300 and additional lenses, chargers, etc. as her personal item.

From my gearbox, here’s what I selected to carry on the plane: a pair of D3 bodies and what I consider to be the “Holy Trinity of Lenses”, the Nikkor 14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, & 70-200 f2.8. I also included 5 – SB800 strobes, a Canon 500D Close-Up Diopter (more compact than my favorite macro lens), 10.5 mm fisheye, radio poppers, batteries, and cleaning supplies.

My light-kit, consisting of 3 – Bogen 3333 light stands & 2 – 43″ Westcott umbrellas, packed in my long thin Bogen case, was my checked bag. Our suitcase was Cami’s checked bag. That’s it!