Crowder/Stockham Three-Generation Shoot

One of the highlights of my week was photographing a beautiful three-generation family session for the Crowder/Stockham family!

I share a special connection with this family, since I grew up in the Congo (DRC) and attended The American School of Kinshasa (TASOK) with Sarah. And Sarah’s mother, who I call Aunt Elaine, was the MPH Hostel Parent at the time. Us MKs often refer to our friend’s parents as “aunt” and “uncle” because we feel like family, even though there are no legitimate blood ties.

While I was visiting my parents in Claremont, California, Aunt Elaine was visiting her daughter and grand-daughter, Morgan. Sarah was kind enough to ask if I’d be willing to photograph a 3-generation shoot for them. Would I?!? I told her I’d be DELIGHTED!!!

We started at their house in the hills, which has a beautiful back yard that is teaming with flowers and wildlife. Then we headed over to Pomona College, where Morgan is a senior. It’s a picturesque campus with great locations for portraits. We had a great time and came away with some fabulous photos!

It was such an honor being a part of this special family for the morning, re-connecting with our fond memories of days gone bye, and finally meeting Morgan!!!

Maui 25th Anniversary Celebration

While exploring the famed Red Sand Beach in Hana on the island of Maui, we met this wonderful couple that was there celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary! So we did a fun impromptu photo shoot for them and their beautiful family. 🙂