Iron Gate Realty

Over the many years that I’ve been a photographer in Charleston, there are a handful of clients who have been with us since the beginning. I’ve known them and worked with them for so long that I think of them more as friends than as clients. Renee is just such a friend!

Last week I met up with Renee on Daniel Island to photograph some updated headshots and marketing photos for her company, Iron Gate Realty. Like me, her career has evolved and grown. It was quite interesting as we discussed the amazing similarities between our chosen professions. I’m so very proud of Renee for all she has accomplished, while staying true to herself, and truly finding joy in serving her clients the way that only she knows how to do.  I highly recommend contacting her if you’re looking for an outstanding real-estate agent to work with!

Congratulations on your Charleston Realtor of Distinction award, Renee!!!