EmergeOrtho Building for Citadel Contractors

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a new building for Citadel Contractors!

They had completed this project in Leland, NC. Since they were very pleased with images I had made of one of their buildings in Charleston, they asked if I’d be willing to drive up and photograph this one as well. They are submitting this building for an award and wanted some really nice shots of it!

Researching the property, I realized it was right next to a Military Training Route (MTR), which military planes use for maneuvers. Knowing that would be a No Fly Zone for the drone, I mapped out exactly where that zone ended. Luckily, it only extended through half the property! So in addition to the still photos, I was able to get a few drone shots from the side that wasn’t in the No Fly Zone! 🙂

Many thanks to Jackie, Michael, and Mitch at Citadel Contractors for organizing all the details for this assignment.

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