Dawson’s 1-Year Cake Smashing

I had so much fun photographing Graham’s 1-year old Cake Smashing 4 years ago. So when Whitney & Logan called to schedule Dawson’s Cake Smashing photo shoot, I was super excited! 🙂

We had a blast photographing family portraits on a gorgeous morning at a beach on Isle of Palms. Eventually we wore the little guys out and decided it was time to feed them some sugar. This is always my FAVORITE part!!!

Congratulations, Dawson…you’re a “Big Boy” now! 😉

Nester Family on Seabrook Island

It’s hard to believe…but it’s been TEN YEARS since the Nester Family began their annual tradition of coming to Charleston for the 4th of July!

I had the honor of photographing Suzanna & Jeffrey’s awesome wedding at Charleston Place Hotel in 2006. And each year, the whole family takes time out of their busy schedules to gather together at a beach house for the holiday week.  CONGRATULATIONS Suzanna & Jeffrey…it’s been a pleasure being your photographer, and your friend!

This year found the Nester’s back at a beautiful place just off the beach on Seabrook Island. Sadly, Suzanna’s brother and his family couldn’t make it this year. But they had an AWESOME excuse, as they recently welcomed a new little one into their family. Congratulations Tyler & Meghan! Another big congratulations goes out to Uncle Ron and Aunt Nancy, at the birth of their daughter Megan’s first-born! We missed you guys…but look forward to having you all back next year! For now, here are some picks to let you “absentee” family members see all the fun you missed out on this year…HA! 🙂

Let’s raise a toast to ANOTHER fabulous 10 years of crazy Nester Family Portraits!!!