Lisa & Clay Rock Bowen’s Island

Lizzie & Charlotte are the unwitting masterminds behind “THE PERFECT COUPLE” that is Lisa & Clay!  J  They are the ones that invited Lisa to St. Michael’s when she moved here and introduced them.  When he proposed, Clay planned this huge, fun, elaborate deal.  He got permission to get the key to the bell-tower at the church, took Lisa to the top right at sunset, and proposed up there overlooking all of Charleston!  She was very surprised.  They went out to dinner afterwards and Lisa says he acted like a nut, telling everyone he passed “SHE SAID YES!!!”. Believe it or not, Clay actually picked out her ring on his own.  I love that!  And I LOVE the ring too.  It’s so classy yet unique…just like Lisa.  These two are absolutely perfect for each other and I am so honored that they have asked me to be a part of this special time in their lives.