Boone Hall Plantation

I had the privilege of being at Boone Hall Plantation after hours this weekend. It was neat to basically have the place to myself…so peaceful and beauituful without all the tourists running around. 🙂

(Nikon Z9 + Nikkor 24-120 f4 S)

Charleston Rugged Maniac

I’m always intrigued by the challenge, suffering, and ultimate triumph humans seek out in competitive sports. Being a sports photographer has its own set of challenges!

This spring I had the pleasure of covering the Charleston Rugged Maniac Challenge at Boone Hall Plantation with this AMAZING team of sports photographers. I’ve photographed this event for the last 4 or 5 years, and always enjoy the experience! It’s tough on the gear…keeping the mud and water off the equipment isn’t easy. And it’s tough on the photographers…I shot over 4,000 images in five hours of non-stop action.

A special shout out goes to Richard Ellis for capturing the image of me “at work”!  And thank you to the nice EMT staff for taking our team picture!

But being a part of the excitement these athletes experience is totally worth it!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants for enduring and triumphing over this fabulous challenge!

Maniesha & Travis Part 1: Boone Hall Plantation Wedding

Maniesha & Travis are so in love!!!  It was an honor to be a part of their beautiful wedding yesterday morning at Boone Hall Plantation.  It was a simple, elegant affair in the picturesque courtyard behind the plantation house.  The touching ceremony included God’s Knot, for “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  Many thanks to Cori of Reynolds Treasures for bringing all the details together!

Hailing from Colorado at the moment, Maniesha & Travis have traveled all over the country.  As a heavy equipment operator, Travis gets job opportunities both near and far.  Being a travel-junkie myself, I love that they are getting to see the world together.  Even their adorable son, Dallas, seem to be taking it all in stride!  🙂

After the ceremony we had a fun time exploring the plantation property, photographing beautiful images along the way.  Stay tuned for more awesome images of these two in Parts 2 and 3 of their epic elopement to Charleston!!!

Charleston Rugged Maniac Challenge

Yesterday was the annual Charleston Rugged Maniac Challenge at Boone Hall.

I drew the short straw again…er…I mean I had the privilege of photographing it again this year! 🙂  Fortunately, no cute and cuddly little cameras were harmed in the making of these photos…which is more than I can say for some of the participants.  Some of the expressions this year were PRICELESS!!!

Many thanks to Game Face Media!!!  If you’re a participant and would like to find and download your official photo, visit

Boone Hall Family Shoot

I met Holly while shooting assignments for her at the Charleston Regional Business Journal.  We’ve been friends ever since and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her and Clint’s family for several years.  Originally it was just their 4-legged kids, now they have a beautiful 2-legged one too.  J  We met at the historic Boone Hall Plantation just down the road from their house.  The early morning light was just perfect and we had a great time roaming the grounds and stopping for different shots.  At one point, when I had everyone set, including 2-dogs and a 1-year old girl, this huge (think grayhound) bus slowly wanders down the famous Avenue of Oaks that was my backdrop…and proceeded to stop right behind us to let it’s FULL contents of elderly tourists out behind us!!!  How inconsiderate was that?  They could have just as easily pulled up 15 feet closer to the mansion and been out of our shot!  But that’s the fun of working in a public environment.  We rolled with the punches, moved on to a new spot, and came back to that one after everyone had dispersed. 

Cotton Dock Remote

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing Heather & Josh’s wedding at Boone Hall Plantation for our good friends Bill & Kelli Nixon.  The ceremony was held at the rustic Cotton Dock.  What a cool venue for a wedding!  I arrived early, as usual, and noticed the decorators were draping these long, silky, white sheets over the huge wooden rafters.  Seeing those rafters gave me the idea to mount a remote camera from one of the rafters to get this cool angle.  In the first photo you can see the D300 with 10.5mm Fisheye super-clamped to the rafter looking strait down.  The second shot is an image from the remote camera, which I fired with a set of PocketWizards.  Fun Stuff!!! 

Karina’s Getting Married!

Karina & her “entourage” met me over at Boone Hall Plantation earlier this week.  I’m not actually photographing her wedding, but was SO HONORED when she asked if I would do her Bridal Shoot.  Karina is a beautiful, spirit-filled young lady…so full of life and love!  It was a joy just being with her and sharing this special time in her life with her.  I love how elegant she looks, even when she’s leaning on her fiance’s guitar!!!  J