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Mary & Jan’s After-Shoot

After having so much fun at Mary & Jan’s gorgeous wedding, I was SUPER EXCITED that they’d opted to do an After-Shoot!

Wedding day images are always limited by time and space. So often, a couple’s wedding schedule becomes hectic and chaotic, not allowing them to get all the beautiful images they’d like. And even the shots they do get, seem rushed. The backdrop of all their photos is usually limited to the church and the reception site. Plus of course, there’s the issue of keeping the wedding gown clean for the day.

For these reasons, our After-Shoots have become super popular! Couples join me for a fun, relaxed, fashion shoot after the wedding. It can be the day after, or weeks later after they return from the honeymoon. We pick a different and unique location that’s special to them. And since the dress has already danced the night away, we don’t have to worry about it as much!

Mary & Jan choose a beautiful area in and around White Point Garden and The Battery. Since they met and fell in love in Charleston, they wanted to capture the beauty of the old historic city in some of their images. Although we got some amazing shots on their wedding day…from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, to a stop at McLeod Plantation on their way to the reception, to the Country Club of Charleston…the gorgeous images we got with the backdrop of downtown Charleston will round out their wedding photos perfectly!

“Gratulacje” and “Dziękuję bardzo” to the new Mr. & Mrs. Vargas Machaj!!!