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Mary & Jan at Blessed Sacrament

Last weekend, I had the most AMAZING time photographing Mary & Jan’s beautiful wedding celebration!!! I owe a HUGE thank you to Nicole & Vince Ciello for recommending Mary & Jan to us. I remember their wonderful wedding like it was yesterday!

Originally from Virginia, Mary moved to Charleston following her sister. And recently her mom followed the two of them. Jan’s grandparents moved from Poland to Mexico, where his mom fell in love. He was born there, but his mom also brought him up speaking Polish. So he’s fluent in 3 languages! He eventually moved to Charleston for his MUSC residency in neurosurgery. A mutual friend introduced them, and they hit it off right away. In Mary’s words, this was largely because they “got” each other’s quirkiness!!! 🙂

Having been accused on many occasions of being “quirky” myself…Jan, Mary, and I hit it off right away. We had a great time getting to know each other, planning out their amazing day, and talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. They are both so fun, full of energy, and filled with a zest for abundant life!

Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. The reception was held at the Charleston Country Club. And in between the two, we had gotten special permission to do photos at the newly renovated, brand new to the public, McLeod Plantation! As far as we know, Mary & Jan are the FIRST bride and groom to have their wedding portraits done at this amazing, historical plantation…how cool is that?!?

The Bread and Salt Blessing is a popular Polish tradition. At the wedding reception, the parents of the bride and groom greet the newly married couple with bread and salt. The parents say: “Staropolskim zwyczajem witamy Was chlebem i sola, aby w Waszym domu zawsze goscil dostatek.” This means: “According to our Old Polish tradition, we greet you with bread and salt, so that your home might always enjoy abundance.”

CONGRATULATIONS Mary & Jan! May your home always enjoy abundance!!!