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Impromptu Modeling Session at Circle M Farm
  • Impromptu Modeling Session at Circle M Farm

  • Last weekend, my good friends Kim and Randy invited a few of their photography friends up to their farm in Manning for a cookout and a night of shooting the Milky Way. Always looking for an excuse to combine my profession with my passion for motorcycle adventures, I elected to ride my Honda CB500[...]
Abby's Model Portfolio
  • Abby's Model Portfolio

  • The daughter of a friend of ours, Abby was in town to model for Charleston Fashion Week. During some down time, we photographed a portfolio session for her at the old abandoned Naval Hospital.  It also gave me a chance to really test the limits of the astounding new Nikon D850! The Charleston Nav[...]
Megan's Modeling Debut
  • Megan's Modeling Debut

  • Megan is such a gorgeous young lady with a beautiful spirit! It's been a pleasure getting to know her over the years as I photograph for the company she works for.  I was so excited to finally get to photograph her yesterday. We met up at White Point Garden and had a fun little fashion shoot as w[...]
Taylor's Modeling Portfolio
  • Taylor's Modeling Portfolio

  • Last night our friend Robin brought her beautiful daughter, Taylor, to model for me and a few of my crazy fun photographer friends! All images were shot with a Nikon D4 and Nikkor 70-200 f2.8. I used a Nikon SB-5000 as a Master flash to trigger 3 SB-800 Remote flashes. Two SB-800 flashes were gan[...]
Fashion Model Photo Shoot
  • Fashion Model Photo Shoot

  • A few days ago we wrapped up photography on a project that we've been shooting over this past summer. It's for a super-cool, up-and-coming, yet-to-be-announced publication. Those are the only details I'm allowed to divulge at this time!!! Many thanks to our clients, Susan and Julie for their visi[...]
Grace's Model Shoot at the Old Charleston City Jail
  • Grace's Model Shoot at the Old Charleston City Jail

  • Personal projects are what feeds the creative soul! It's what professionals photographers do on their spare time to keep the fire burning with passion. When Grace decided she wanted to do her own Model Shoot...something totally different...I was super excited! I've photographed Grace's family, al[...]
  • Maya's Modeling Shoot

  • This weekend, Cami & I were able to take a break and go visit our good friends Eric & Machelle up in the Washington D.C. area. Eric & I grew up together in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), where our parents worked. So it was great catching up with him! We took in a ton [...]
  • Gordaisha's Model Shoot

  • Jeannie did her homework! When I met with her back in September, she was scouting for a modeling agency and a photographer that would be the perfect match for her beautiful daughter, just starting out on her modeling career. I'm so pleased she picked us, because Gordaisha was absolutely stunning, fu[...]
  • Oceana's Modeling Shoot

  • Oceana has been in Afghanistan serving her country!  A few days ago she was able to be home in Charleston visiting her family. We'd been in communication over the past months as she shared her dream of getting into modeling. So while she was here, we got together and had some fun, creating some dram[...]
  • Matt & Brittany do some Modeling

  • Every now and then I get to work with a really AMAZING couple that really “clicks” with my personality and fun style of photography.  Matt & Brittany are just such a couple!  They’re just dating.  But Matt knew Brittany LOVED the camera.  So for Christmas he secretly got her a fun portrait se[...]
  • Brittany's Modeling Portfolio

  • Brittany & Mitch are two of my favorite clients-turned-friends!  J  I’ve photographed their family, ther wedding, their maternity, their daughter…and now Brittany’s new Modeling Portfolio!  That’s right, this beautiful young lady is a newlywed AND a new Mom, AND she’s decided to go back into [...]