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Yvonne & Andrew’s Secret Wedding Proposal at The Battery

When a guy contacts me 2 months in advance and says he wants me to hide and capture his secret marriage proposal, I KNOW I’m working with a real gentleman!!!
Andrew and I have been working together over the last 2 months to plan out his awesome proposal to Yvonne. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know him as we worked out all the details. I could tell by his selfless inquiries, always thinking about what SHE would want, that this is a guy who has found true love!!!
Well, the big day finally arrived! I was super nervous for Andrew as we began sending last-minute texts the hour before our appointed time. I had everything set and ready, when an elderly couple decided to stop right beside “the spot” to watch a bird in the tree above. They were so sweet when I quickly slipped over to explain what was about to go down. “Wish them well for us” the lady said with a smile as they moved along.
I took a deep breath, settled in behind my camera on the back side of a large tree, and waited! As they came into view, I instantly knew it was Andrew & Yvonne by how nervous he looked. As he guided her to “the spot” Andrew and I had pinned on a Google Map during our planning process, my grip tightened on the camera. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. But by her expression, and how she kept kissing him repeatedly, I knew he had a great lead-up going. 🙂
Like the true gentleman he is, Andrew asked for her hand in marriage on bended knee under the canopy of those beautiful live oak trees. Her reactions say it all! Standing together and breathing in what just happened, suddenly Yvonne was overwhelmed with emotion. Her knees buckled as she had to double over to catch her breath. Just as she regained her strength, Andrew told her where I was hiding, and that I’d photographed the whole thing unfolding for her! 🙂
It was such a pleasure to finally meet these two, and photograph the ensuing engagement shoot for them! I also captured the exact location of all the photos via GPS for them to remember the exact location.  Maybe they can retrace their steps with their children many years from now?  The INCREDIBLE honor of being there to capture this precious moment in their lives, is something I will never forget!
CONGRATULATIONS Yvonne and Andrew!!!