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When a Plan Comes Together

Corporate Events are always a lot of fun! These are usually Awards Presentations or Banquets to honor employees for a job well done. So, naturally everybody’s in a good mood! And as long as their photographer is fast, friendly, and professional…they STAY in that good mood. This event was no different. The Daimler Crysler Corporation had flown all these over-acheivers into town for a huge banquet at the prestigious Charleston Place Hotel. We had been asked to take portraits of each of the decked-out couples, print the photo on site, put them in nice waterford crystal frames, and have them on display for them to take home that evening. No problem, right? Well…come to find out there were 120 couples and Chrysler had given us less than an hour to do it in! Needless to say, I have never photographed so fast. But the portraits came out great….we had them on display in time…the guests loved them, and everybody was AMAZED that we had them finished so quickly!!! You gotta love it when a plan comes together…