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Turner Family in Australia

Cami and I have had so much fun hanging out with the Turner Family in Australia!!!

Cami and Kylie became instant life-long friends when they met at a CISV exchange program in their formative years. They stayed in touch, visiting each other whenever they could, even though they lived half-way around the world. Cami came back to stay with Kylie’s family in Australia over Christmas break one year. Kylie came to stay with Cami’s family in Ohio for a semester of high-school another year. And Kylie even came back to the US to be the maid of honor in our wedding!

It’s been some 25 years! But we finally made it to Australia so Cami and Kylie could be reunited, and so I could meet Kylie’s family. 🙂

While we were together, I took the opportunity to photograph some fun family portraits! Kylie’s daughter, Hayley, is an absolutely GORGEOUS young lady, both inside and out. As she said during the family shoot “we know who the REAL talent is in this family”…HA! It was a funny moment, but so very true. Hayley took to the camera like the superstar that she is!

Cami and I had a BLAST in Australia and can’t wait to come back for more!!!