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The Humble Speedlight

I’m often asked what kind of studio lights I use for all the beautiful head-shots and creative corporate work I shoot. Although I own plenty of powerful strobes designed by the legendary Paul C. Buff, the honest answer is that 99% of the time I use the humble Speedlight!

Yes I carry a plethora of them. Yes I often gang up multiples of them on a single light-stand to act as a more powerful flash. But the beauty in using them is their extreme versatility! If I need to band 3 together and shoot in high-speed sync mode to overpower the sun on a beach shoot, it’s not a problem. But if I just need a single unit through a portable softbox to photograph a senior portrait session in a park, that’s just as easy. It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s light. It’s compact. And it works!

To photograph headshots of the new attorneys at Weeks & Irvine Law this morning, I was able to carry everything I needed into their office in a single trip…camera, laptop, light-stands, tripod, background, umbrellas, and 4 little Nikon SB-5000 Speedlights. Within a few minutes their lobby was transformed into a professional portrait studio, where everyone was laughing, having fun, and capturing great head-shots for the firm’s website!  🙂

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