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Shannon & Ronnie’s Wedding on the Carolina Girl

Shannon & Ronnie have been together over 6 years. She is beautiful, sweet, and super organized. She grew up as a military brat, and is now the Youth Director at Joint Base Charleston. A ripped body builder with rugged good looks and an outrageous personality, Ronnie has been in the military for over 13 years. Fortunately, Shannon knows how to handle those military men…HA!

A romantic at heart, Ronnie proposed to Shannon down by the Ashley River, at the same exact spot where he first told her he loved her. When we met last year, I could tell these two had a very special relationship! They are both both so fun, outgoing, and charismatic.

Shannon & Ronnie’s wedding was held on the picturesque Carolina Girl. I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings on this yacht as it cruises around Charleston Harbor. There’s just something romantic and energetic about being on the water for such a special occasion. Captain Bob and his crew always make things extra special!

I am SO THANKFUL to Barbara Lang for recommending this amazing couple to us. They were an absolute BLAST to work with! CONGRATULATIONS Shannon & Ronnie!!! We wish you all the happiness and joy that you deserve.