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Separation for High-Key Backgrounds

The best way to get a pure white, high-key background, is to separate the subject from the background and light it independently.  That way you can control the light falling on the background separately from the light falling on the subject.  I routinely expose the background at a stop or two higher than your subject to get that super white look. 

Here’s the setup for a shoot I did for Anchor Commercial recently.  I set up my Savage White Seamless background in their lobby.  Two SB-800 flashes were aimed at the background and gobo’d so as not to spill onto my subject, Lindsey.  She was lit independently by two more SB-800 strobes as master and fill lights.  All four were controlled via an SB-900 on my D3 in Commander mode, and triggered via Radio Poppers.  I shot with my favorite 14-24 f2.8 mounted to the D3 and stood on a chair to create that elongated look they were going for in this image.