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Sensor Cleaning Party

I’m pretty meticulous about taking care of my camera gear. And I clean my camera sensors pretty regularly. I realized early on, right after switching to digital near the turn of the century, that sending my cameras off to Nikon for a few weeks just to have some dust removed, wasn’t an option. So I taught myself how to do it.

The other day, my friends Jennings King and Erin Foushe, came over for a “Sensor Cleaning Party”. Neither had ever done it before. But like me, neither could afford to be without their gear for several weeks. I’ve gone through several different cleaning methods before settling on the one I currently use. I’m a big fan of Artie Morris’ avian photography. And I learned my current methods from him.

Here’s a before/after of Erin’s sensor (first two images), as well as a before/after of Jenning’s sensor (second two images). Needless to say, they were very happy campers!  🙂