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Savage & Savage Law Firm

One of my favorite corporate clients to shoot for is Savage & Savage Law Firm. Part of that is because they give me full “creative license” on a lot of projects! For example, this morning I was at their office by 9:00 for Heather to give me a briefing of what images they needed for the new website. At around 9:05 she said: “OK Chris, take it from there and run with it!” 🙂

So I just took her ideas and created images to reflect their needs. This was one of my favorite shots! The two gentleman are the firm’s Private Investigators. Bill (in front of the computer) has quite a reputation in the industry for his ability to gather evidence off computers, hard-drives, cell phones, and any of today’s smart electronics. To create a “techy” shot that reflected his expertise, I placed an SB-800 with a full CTO gel and a dome diffuser on his keyboard to light the PIs faces. Then I placed two more SB-800s on either side firing into the wall with blue gels. I switched the lamp on in the background for depth and dimension. And I framed the image from just above the glass surface of the conference room table to pick up the ominous reflection. The image was shot with a Nikon D3 and 24-70 f2.8. The remote flashes were controlled by an SB-900 on the camera in Commander Mode, and triggered via the RadioPopper Px system. Enjoy!