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Remote Cameras Part II

In case you missed my earlier post about how much I enjoy using Remote Cameras to get IMPOSSIBLE shots, here’s another cool application of that concept from last weekend.

Before the ceremony started, I used a Bogen Super Clamp and a Bogen Medium Tripod Head to attach my Nikon D2x and 10.5mm fisheye lens on top of the arbor. (You can barely see it in the shot, hidden against the branches.) Having checked with the officiate, I knew where Kerri & Wes would be standing and pre-focused.

A Pocket Wizard with special trigger cable is connected to the receiving camera. And another PW is attached to my D3 with the 70-200 since I know that’s the camera I’ll be hand-holding in the isle when they kiss. With this setup, as I fire the D3, it relays a message to the Remote Camera to fire a shot simultaneously on the D2x…and voila, you get the second image below. How fun is THAT?!?