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Remote “Angel-Cam” at Cypress Gardens

I had the privilege of photographing a very intimate and elegant wedding in a romantic clearing in the woods at Cypress Gardens last weekend for Suzanne & MJ.
As soon as I saw the ceremony site, I immediately knew I wanted to mount a remote camera somewhere in the trees. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a ladder. So how do I get the camera up where I want it?!? I simply found a long tree branch in the woods and Bogen Super Clamped my Nikon D300 with Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye lens onto that. Then I carefully leaned that branch up against the tree behind the alter, securing it between a couple branches so that it wouldn’t fall. This gave me the angle for the “look” that I wanted, which my friend and wonderful photographer, LeRoy Mazyck calls the “Angel-Cam”.

As always, I connected a PocketWizard to the remote camera using a Flash Zebra pre-release cable. And I connected a second PocketWizard to one of my hand-held Nikon D3s using a Flash Zebra pc cable. Whenever I wanted to take a picture with the Angel Cam, I flipped on the PocketWizard and took a shot with my camera…simultaneously triggering the remote camera. Fun stuff!!! 🙂