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Rape Victims in DRC

My heart was too sad to even weep as I spent the first hour of my day reading the journal entries from photographer Sherrlyn Borkgren on her Blog about her last few weeks in the Congo (DRC) documenting and bringing light to the plight of young girls being raped by soldiers over there. As you all know, this is where Mom & Dad served as missionaries, where I was born, and where my brothers and I called home throughout our formative years before settling back in the US to attend college. Please read her stories and see her images at Pray for her safety and that the story she is telling helps get the world’s attention.

Here’s an old slide of me with all my soccer friends. (I’ll bet you can figure out which one I am!) Soccer is the national sport of course…you don’t need shoulder pads, baseball bats, or tennis rackets to play. Just one ball, a grassy field, and a couple sticks in the ground at each end. In fact you can’t see it in this photo, but we played in our bare feet because no one could afford cleats. I wonder what happened to all these guys when the war broke out?