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RadioPoppers Rock the Family Circle Cup Player Party

After shooting the action all day, I headed down to NV’s Lounge where this year’s Family Circle Cup Player Party was held. Here’s how I normally set up to photograph the arrival of players and VIPs.

I set up two Bogen/Manfrotto lightstands with Boa Bagsto secure them. They each had one of my customized 3-way umbrella adapters, so I can easily attach 1,2, or 3 flashes, depending on power desired. Tonight I just needed one Nikon SB-800 per side. Each stand is also customized with an SD-8a bolted to it, which I plugged into each flash for faster recycling. I shot with one of the Nikon D3s using the Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 and an SB-900. All the flashes were triggered by my trusty RadioPoppers using the Nikon CLS system to make adjustments from the camera on the fly.

World Number 1, Caroline Wozniacke, arrived in style.