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Rachel & Steve at Alhambra Hall

The days and hours leading up to Rachel & Steve’s wedding last weekend were full of concern…predictions calling for a very soggy weekend. When I arrived early at Alhambra Hall, gloomy clouds continued to threaten the skies. Like a miracle, just when we were getting ready to head outside, the skies parted, and glorious warm sunshine rained down instead!

Rachel is an MUSC Grad with a small tight-knit family. Steve is a chef at the Francis Marion Hotel with a huge extended family. Different backgrounds, different vocations…but SO PERFECT for each other! They’ve been engaged for a couple years. This day has been a long-time coming. And I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Watching Rachel and Steve with their fun personalities, goofy senses of humor, and positive energy really drew me in and captured my creativity. The way they look at each other, finish each other’s thoughts, and hold each other close truly filled my heart with joy.

CONGRATULATIONS Rachel & Steve! May God bless you as you journey down your new path together!!!