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Rachael & Tony

Rachael & Tony were an AWESOME referral to us from the wonderful Kristin & Jamie Caudle…we love you guys!!! 🙂 With Tony’s relaxed demeanor and Rachael’s sharp sense of humor, I had so much fun getting to know both of them. It all started out at the Wycliffe House, where the girls were getting ready. This is a beautiful location and one of my favorites to work in with its winding staircase that just BEGS to be used in a photograph. I love that second shot of Rachael on the staircase gazing out the window! From there, I met up with Tony and the guys in the courtyard at St. Luke’s Chapel, just down the street. Doesn’t he look like a STUD?!? St. Luke’s is one of my favorite chapels here in historic Charleston. It’s so romantic with its stained glass windows, carved wooden pews, and vaulted rafters stretching overhead. After the touching service, we all headed back to the Wycliffe House for the reception. With the creative fall decor, tasty cupcake-style wedding cake, and brightly colored flip-flops for guests to change into, you could tell these two really put a lot of thought into making this day THEIR OWN! Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day…