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Product Photography for GSC Power Division

I’m not a grease monkey. And I’m not really into cars. But I do find the technology and mechanics that go into these amazing machines absolutely fascinating!

So it was with great excitement that I took the assignment to photograph some custom high-performance engine components for GSC Power Division. From cam shafts to exhaust valves to valve springs…there were so many cool pieces to the puzzle that needed to be captured. It was like photographing tiny works of art carved out of blocks of titanium, bronze and steel!

I set up shop in a corner of the company’s headquarters in North Charleston. I had my Nikon D5 with 105mm Micro lens tethered to the laptop, allowing the art director to see what I was shooting as we collaborated to get the best shots. Lighting was provided by 4 Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight flashes on Manfrotto stands with various Westcott light modifiers.

Many thanks to Greg for bringing us in on this project, and to Audrey for lending her creative eye to the shoot!