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Orange Grove Elementary Volleyball

My friend, Erin, is an amazing teacher, a wonderful photographer, and a fantastic coach to her Orange Grove Elementary students! So when she asked if she could hire me to come out and photograph one of their games for her, I jumped at the chance!

I played volleyball in high-school, as well as in intramural competitions at college. Even though I was a setter, I was still too short to play on the team in college…but our intramural teams were still really competitive.  Plus I was already playing on the college soccer and tennis teams! I feel that volleyball, and team sports in general, are truly instramental in developing confidence, structure, discipline, communication, and social skills for young people.

It was great to see the kids out there playing hard and having fun!!!

* Nikon Z9, Nikkor Z 24-70 f2.8, Nikkor Z 70-200 f2.8, ISO 8000 with Lightroom AI Noise Reduction