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Megan & David’s New England Wedding

Megan is from Fairhaven up near Boston.  David is from Down Under…REALLY…like as in Australia.  The story of how these two met online is a wonderful tale that shows how love knows no boundaries! 

Megan got our name through Deb & Michael, who’s wedding we photographed her in Charleston a few years ago.  (So a HUGE thank you goes to Deb & Michael!)  Megan loved the photos we’d done for them and contacted us to set up a conference call on Skype.  We had a BLAST talking to them via computer…Meg was up in New England having just gotten home from work…David was waaay over in Australia JUST waking up…and Cami & I were here in Charleston.  We really hit it off, especailly since Cami’s been to Australia twice and her Maid of Honor in our wedding doesn’t live far from David’s home.  So we had a lot in common from the start and everything simply fell in place from there.

The wedding was held at the beatiful gothic style Unitarian Church in Fairhaven, which I absolutely loved.  And the reception was held at The Sky Room, a really edgy, ultra modern venue that had great natural light and was really cool to shoot in.  Meg & David were introduced into the reception hall with a Bagpipe processional.  And their music and entertainment featured a fantastic Big Band.  I loved the bright yellow dancing outfit Megan changed into during the partaaay.)  J  After the reception, Megan, David, Cami & I, along with the entire wedding party, drove all over town photographing really cool artsy images as we went.   

We eventually ended up at the bay with its huge rock outcroppings right before sunset.  So after starting at 8:00am, we wrapped up our 12-hour day with some gorgeous images at 8:00pm right before the sun faded away.  Those were some of my FAVORITE shots!!!  What an AWESOME day Megan & David put together!  CONGRATULATIONS to you both…you guys ROCK!!!

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