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Maricela & Pete at White Point Gardens

I love it when I talk to someone on the phone and can tell they are just super excited about their photo shoot!

Maricela is the kindest sweetheart, bubbly, and just fun to be around. I met up with her and her handsome man, Pete, yesterday at White Point Gardens. It’s been seven years since they first got together. So it was super cute when their adorable daughter, Miraya, brought out a sign that said “Finally”! 🙂

I loved the vintage outfits they had selected, which set the tone of some of the shots. At the beginning of the shoot, Pete confided “You know, I can’t stand having my picture made”. But by the end, he was volunteering “If you ever need a GQ model to pose for you, let me know”! As you can tell, we all had an AWESOME time hanging out and creating these images together.

CONGRATULATIONS Maricela & Pete…and you too, Miraya.