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Margaret & Warren at St. Stephen’s Lutheran

Margaret & Warren are absolutely PERFECT for each other! Their wedding last weekend was a joy for me to be a part of. Margaret’s grandmother knows Brittany & Jamie’s grandmother, which is how they heard about us. Many thanks to the Kyzer’s for the referral!!! Their wedding was held at the majestic St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Lexington, SC…where Margaret’s parents were married. When I arrived, Margaret’s sister and “Maid of Honor Extraordinaire”, Liz, was helping the beautiful bride get ready. Can’t you just see the sisterly love reflected in that mirror?!? 😉 I already knew how beautiful Margaret was from her Bridal Session…but that portrait with the sanctuary behind her is a stunner! When I met up with Warren, his groomsmen were all picking on him. So I knew right away I was going to have a BLAST with the gentleman! I really like the black-and-white shot of them with the stone texture of the church in the background. The Spirit-filled ceremony was beautifully led by Pastor Pat. Don’t you LOVE the excitement in Margaret & Warren’s faces as they exit the sanctuary and then embrace each other in the courtyard outside? The last image of Margaret is one of my favorites. It was taken a few minutes after the ceremony, right after they signed their license to make it all official. You can STILL see the elation in her face! Click Here to see the rest of their photos. CONGRATULATIONS Margaret & Warren…you guys are an AMAZING couple!!!