Lisa & Chadwick’s Wedding at Pepper Plantation

I had a really cool 4th of July Wedding at Pepper Plantation last weekend.  Lisa & Chadwick are a really fun, casual, and laid back couple that are absolutely a RUSH to be around.  They have so much personality and energy…and truly are perfect for each other!  Check out the fun slideshow on our blog at  Then head over to to see photos from their downtown Engagement Session, their entire Wedding Day, AND their crazy PhotoBooth!  CONGRATULATIONS Lisa & Chadwick…you guys deserve the world! 


  1. by Mike on July 13, 2010  5:49 pm Reply


  2. by Vickie on July 13, 2010  5:52 pm Reply

    I am so happy that we are facebook friends! Each day I look so forward to the beautiful photography you have posted. It's my therapy. :-)

  3. by Alexis on July 14, 2010  10:21 am Reply

    Love, love, love the black and white photography! Looks like a beautiful day.

  4. by David on July 14, 2010  10:22 am Reply


    You are an amazing photographer! You are what i want to become when i get older! I really wanted to tell you that! All your photos are superb!

  5. by Rachel on July 15, 2010  11:23 am Reply

    Congratulations Lisa! You looked amazing and as beautiful as ever.

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