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Kim & JD

There were SO MANY cool images from Kim & JD’s wedding that I didn’t know HOW TO CHOOSE which ones to post on the blog. That’s a GOOD dilemma to be in! šŸ™‚ Anyway, here are just a few of those favorites. As always, you can see the rest of the images in their Online Gallery.

I had been looking forward to Kim & JD’s wedding for a long time. Ever since our initial meeting way back when, Kim and I have just “clicked”. As a photographer, I always strive to see the world through my client’s eyes and get a feel for who they are. Through studying their personalities and paying attention to how they react to situations and interact with one another, I can better serve them by creating images that reflect who they are. Of course this task is made so much more intuitive IF my client’s personalities are already in tune with my own! This is how it was with Kim & JD.

The first image was taken while Kim & the girls were getting ready. As she checked her make up in the hand-held mirror, I caught her eye in the reflection. For extra punch I left the mirror in color and changed the rest of the image to black-and-white. The second image was taken after the ceremony. The wind swirled Kim’s veil as the newlyweds kissed. The third image was taken right after Kim finished dancing with her Dad. She went and sat down with two of her bridesmaids to watch as they took snapshots of JD dancing with his Mom. The last image is a clean, simple, and pure representation of the energy, excitement, and emotion at their reception. I call it “Happy Feet”. šŸ™‚

Kim & JD…it was an honor and a privilege to be there for you guys as you celebrated this landmark in your lives. May you have happy feet FOREVER!