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Kelly & Chris

Kelly & Chris came to us as WONDERFUL referals from Stephanie & Wade and Jenni & Zach. (It was AWESOME to see you guys again…I can’t thank you enough for recommending me to Kelly & Chris!) Kelly is so organized and on-the-ball about EVERYTHING. I love that about her…just like Cami. 😉 And Chris is a huge movie buff. So you KNOW I had a fun time listening to the guys spout lines from Monte Python movies! Their ceremony was held at Sullivan’s Island Baptist Church where Kelly & Chris attend. It was a wonderful setting with a beautiful sanctuary, cute little courtyard, and fantastic red brick walls that seemed to glow in the afternoon sun. The reception was held at the Hobcaw Yacht Club, a quaint venue right on the river. On the way to the reception, serendipity happened! Seconds before we got there, the draw bridge from Sullivan’s Island opened, forcing us to stop. Some couples might have regarded this as a negative since it would mean taking that much longer to get to the reception. But not Kelly & Chris! With the sun setting in the distance, we all jumped out and took advantage of this OPPORTUNITY to create a dramatic portrait standing on top of the bridge in the gorgeous light!!! It was like God decided to stop the traffic JUST for us.
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