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Jessica & Avery

Following all the fun from the previous evening at their Rehearsal Dinner Party, I wasn’t a BIT surprised at how DELICIOUS Jessica & Avery’s Big Day was! I use that adjective with great purpose because the scenic beauty surrounding their wedding day was like eye-candy to me. I was gleefully capturing moments as if I was a kid lost in a chocolate factory! 🙂

Their wedding was at Christ Episcopal Church in Mt. Pleasant. It’s a wonderfully open sanctuary with huge windows that let in this soft glowing light that I love to work with. One of my favorite shots is of Jessica and her father, bathed in that beautiful light, waiting with eager anticipation to walk down the isle together. Anyway, I had so many favorites just at the church that I didn’t get a chance to share with you any of my favorites from the Reception!

Held at the Charleston Visitor’s Center, this was THE PARTY to attend!!! It’s such a cool venue and we had such a BLAST that you’ve got to check out the rest of the photos in Jessica & Avery’s Online Gallery to see some of these. At the end of the night guests lit the corridor with candles held high as the newly-weds exited the building to take their carriage ride off into the night.

Jessica & Avery, as you grow old together, remember to keep your hearts young, remember to give each other those “looks” EVERY day, and remember to keep your love for each other as fresh and delicious as if you are just two kids lost in a chocolate factory!