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Jennifer & Vic in THE BAHAMAS

What an AWESOME privilege it was to be a part of Jennifer & Vic’s Destination Wedding in The Bahamas! They’d asked Cami & I to photograph a very special Eastern Ceremony the night before the wedding. When our flight was delayed due to mechanical issues, we started sweatin‘ it a bit. But everything worked out and we got there just in time. It was a really neat service with traditional Indian attire, music, symbols, food…truly a beautiful celebration. Earlier in the afternoon, Vic’s mother had even lovingly covered Jennifer’s hands with REAL henna! Dating back thousands of years, you can see how beautiful and artistic these Mehndi designs are by looking at the first photo of Jennifer getting ready the next day. Their wedding day was absolutely GLORIOUS…crystal clear skies, white billowy clouds, zero percent chance of rain. The melodic crashing of the waves on the sandy beach merged with the colorful sounds of the steel drum band playing in the background. We had a BLAST walking all over The Atlantis Resort, where everything took place, photographing these two among all the surreal scenery. The reception was in a huge thatched-roof gazebo overlooking the ocean. I got this last shot of Jennifer & Vic on the sand as the sun began to set at the end of their AMAZING wedding day! CONGRATULATIONS you two!!!