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Jamie & Trip in Lexington, SC

Jamie & Tripp’s wedding FINALLY arrived last weekend! I’d been looking forward to their wedding for a LOOONG time. šŸ™‚ Having photographed Jamie’s sister’s wedding, Brittany (to her hubby, Chas) I’d already gotten to know her and their family. (That’s Jamie & Brittany hugging on the dance floor.) I’ve gotten to know her and Tripp even better since then through their fun Engagement Session and Jamie’s gorgeous Bridal Session. So I already KNEW this wedding was going to be SO COOL! I wasn’t wrong. I came away with such great shots that I could hardly narrow down my favorites for the blog!!! Here’s a few of the ones I choose, so I hope you like them. I just love that first shot of Jamie, she’s such a BEAUTIFUL bride. (OK, Tripp was a bit of a stud as well!) “The Kiss” after their exit from the sanctuary was like the one from that move The Princess Bride. In the group of girls crowding around Jamie immediately after the ceremony, her friend Ginger is on her right. I photographed Ginger’s wedding to Ben several years ago, so it was neat to see them again. The ceremony was at Zion Lutheran Church in Lexington, SC…a beautiful sanctuary with an incredible stained glass window and these amazing red doors. Lexington Florist did a wonderful job with the bouquets and decorations. The reception was held at 403 North Lake, which was a really neat rustic venue with a lot of character. I managed to sneak Jamie & Tripp away from their friends right before the cake cutting to get some DRAMATIC shots of them with the sky all lit up from the sunset. After the cake cutting, Second Nature broke out the dance floor and the party simply EXPLODED all night long. For their “secret” get-away, Tripp had revived his old “Silver Bullet”, his first car and the one he had back when he and Jamie first started dating. They told me they had “lots of memories” in that beast…hehehe. They had it hiding in the shadows behind the Limo so nobody knew it was there. As they made their grand escape, everyone went NUTS when the Limo pulled away to reveal their TRUE get-away car. It was an AWESOME way to end an equally awesome day. Click here to check out the rest of their photos. Jamie and Tripp, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Jamie, I told my Dad I only wish you had another single sister getting ready to plan a wedding! šŸ˜‰