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Jackson’s Portraits

The Trans-America Trail is a patchwork of fire roads, farm roads, dirt trails, and scenic rides that transects America from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Pacific coast. My friends Jason and Steve decided to join me on my quest to complete the TAT on our motorcycles!

Since all three of us are self-employed full-time photographers, we will have to do it in sections. We’ll carve out a week or so at a time from our schedules, where we can get away and do as much of it as possible before having to be back at work.

This week we road up to Morehead City, near where the TAT begins at the North Carolina coast. I had connected with Dan and Ondrea, who are members of a group I belong to called Bunk-a-Biker. They graciously offered us their beautiful back yard to put up our tents and crash for the night before starting off on our ride the next morning.

Whenever I get offered a free place to stay on Bunk-a-Biker, I always like to repay the favor in some small way. So we offered to do portraits for anyone in the family that was interested. Dan and Ondrea’s son, Jackson, immediately perked up! He’s a great looking kid, full of energy, and loves having his photo taken. So Steve popped out the reflector and I started shooting.

We had a BLAST capturing some fun portraits for young Jackson!