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In Loving Memory

“Hi Chris,


I have been meaning to catch up with you!  I hope you and Cami are doing well, it seems like you two have been traveling a lot based on your wonderful pictures! 


I wanted to let you know that Mr. Nixon (Mindy Nixon’s father, now Parker) passed away Thanksgiving morning.  They had a quick funeral for him in Florida where the Nixon’s now live, but last month they had a memorial service for him and Aaron and I made the drive up to Virginia Beach (where we are from) to attend the service. 


They did a slide show of memories past and present and they had the wonderful photo that you took of him right before the Ceremony, in the slide show.  Aaron loved loved loved that picture of Mr. Nixon (Mr. Nixon was like a second father to Aaron) so I just wanted to thank you for capturing the great moments that we don’t sometimes realize are "great" moments until we need something to hold on to as far a memory or a smile. 


Thank you again for your talent and sharing it with us.”


– Kelly (and Aaron)


Posted via email from Chris & Cami Photography