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How did you do that?

Impossible angles enhance the experience of “being there” for our couples!

I often get asked “How did you do that?” by clients and fellow photographers alike. Shooting from seemingly impossible angles, and appearing to be in 2 places at once, are tools and techniques we’ve developed over the years to truly capture the grandeur and beauty of our weddings and events.

One of these techniques is to set up a remote camera. I picked this trick up while shooting basketball for ESPN. You’ve seen the shot many times in the covers of Sports Illustrated and similar publications, where a sports photographer has mounted a camera behind the backboard, or above the hoop. In my situation, I mounted a camera with a fisheye lens, way up outside the organist’s perch overlooking the sanctuary.  My good friend and fellow photographer, LeRoy, has aptly named this style of shot my “Angel Cam”.  🙂

Thus, during the ceremony last weekend, via PocketWizard wireless remote, I quietly photographed multiple angles of their beautiful ceremony, while Mary & Jan exchanged heartfelt wedding vows at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church!